The Failing Senders report is available for Valimail Enforce Enterprise users.

Valimail RUF+ is the world's most effective, timely and secure way to discover sending service owners and diagnose failing services so you can streamline your journey to continuous DMARC protection.

The Failing Senders report is a component of the Valimail RUF+ enhanced feature. 

Using this feature, you can now track down the owners of failing sending services. The Failing Senders report identifies internal recipients of emails from a failing sending service. One of them may be the owner, or know who the owner is.

This feature will be of great help to you during and after the domain onboarding process, as it will greatly increase your ability to determine the status of a sending service that is sending emails on behalf of your domain.


How to use the Failing Senders Report

1. Once signed in to Valimail, go to the Account Overview Page and scroll to Top Failing Senders.

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2. Click on any of the failing services to find out more information about the likely owner. You also have the View All Failing Senders option button which allows you to get a look at all the failing sender from the Failing Senders report.

Note: The data in the Failing Senders is dynamically generated and as such, the View All Failing Senders button will only become available if you have more than 5 failing senders to be displayed.

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3. When you click on that, you will get to the full list of the Failing Senders report which is more interactive and where you can also search for a specific item from that Failing Sender Report list.

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4. You can search by sending service and by domain.

a. Search by Sending service:

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b. Search by domain name:

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How can this help customers?

As a user of Valimail, quickly identifying who might be the account owner of a service that is currently failing DMARC will greatly assist you in finding the stakeholders necessary to properly configure a legitimate mail service for DMARC authentication. The Failing Senders Report feature allows you to do this by seeing what employees are getting emails from that sending service.

What do I do with the information that the Failing Senders Report feature provides me?

  1. Contact the users of the email addresses above and investigate if they are the ones who are using the failing sending service.
  2. Based on that conversation decide if that service needs to be authorized or not.
  3. If authorized, work with the owner of the service to properly configure that service for DMARC authentication.

Does the Failing Senders Report require any configuration?

To use Failing Senders Reporting, first, you will need to set up MSP Connection in Account Settings.

There are two requirements:

Important Note: The Failing Senders Report feature is available exclusively to Enforce Enterprise tier accounts. If you do not have an Enterprise account, you can contact support or reach out directly to your Account Manager if you're interested in upgrading to Enterprise in order to leverage this feature.

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to submit a ticket