Benefits of connecting Valimail to Google Workspace

Valimail offers a reporting solution for organizations using Google Workspace as their mailbox provider. By connecting Enforce to your Google Workspace instance, you will get enhanced visibility into emails received by Google Workspace.

IMPORTANT: Valimail Mailbox Connector with Google Workspace works in conjunction with the Sender Owner Insights which is a feature available only for Enterprise packages.

How do I connect?

NOTE: You'll need admin permissions or your Google Workspace admin to log in to Google Workspace and establish the connection. If you aren't a Google Workspace admin, add an admin to your account in Valimail Enforce and ask them to complete this task for you.

1. Log in to Valimail Enforce and go to Accounts Settings -> General

2. In General, see the MSP Connection area and click on Google Workspace:

a screenshot of a computer

3. In the Google Workspace Connection window, click on the Manage API Client Access link. 

That will get you to the Google API Client Access page, where you need to log in using an Admin account.

a screenshot of a computer 

4. On the API Client access page, click on Add new and enter the data in the next steps.

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5.   a) Copy the Valimail Defend client ID and paste it into the Client ID field.

      b) Copy the scopes below and paste them in the OAuth scoped field.

a screenshot of a computer 

a screenshot of a computer

6. Click Authorize to grant Enforce access to your Google Workspace Instance.

7. Click Confirm Google Workspace Connection below.

a screenshot of a computer

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to submit a ticket