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You will need to add a DKIM NameServer (NS) record to your DNS zone to manage a domain’s DKIM keys within the Valimail system.

To enable DKIM management for a domain, please add the following NS record for the “_domainkey” subdomain to your DNS:

Record Name:    

Record Type: NS    

Record Value:

We recommend a TTL of 300 seconds, although using a longer TTL (up to 3600 seconds) should be fine if you'd like to reduce the load on your DNS server. Please note that because of existing DNS TTLs it may take some time for Valimail to detect that you've updated your DNS with the correct settings.


DNS Host does not support custom NS records

In this case, DKIM is unable to be managed by Valimail and will need to continue to be hosted in your DNS


Best Practice

Verify that all current DKIM keys are added to Valimail before delegation. See Adding a DKIM Key in Enforce

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