DMARC data comes from inboxes receiving your mail. They aggregate this data and send it every 24 hours. If you have just started with Valimail, you may not have any data yet for this reason. Wait a day or even a week, if you can, to let data start coming in. To make sure you remember to come back when data does arrive, you can setup email alerts that will send when there's something that warrants your attention.

If you've pointed DMARC to Valimail successfully but are still not seeing any information in Reporting, it's possible that you are sending to domains whose receiving gateways (SEGs) are not sending out DMARC aggregate reports. 

While DMARC is supported widely around the world, there is a small number of email receiving systems that do not send out aggregate reports. We recommend that you start emailing a wider array of recipients across a larger number of receiving servers- eg Google, Yahoo, etc. at a higher volume to test the reporting features. 

Customers who strictly use Microsoft 365 as their gateway and mostly email other domains of theirs may be interested in using our paid platform and connecting to their Microsoft 365 mailbox, allowing Valimail to generate DMARC aggregate reports for your Microsoft 365 instance.