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How to set up DMARC for Dialog Insight in Valimail

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This article covers the SPF and DKIM authentication processes for Dialog Insight and how they are managed in Valimail. While only one of the two authentication methods is required for an email to pass DMARC, our recommendation is to configure both whenever possible.

Configuring DKIM authentication for your Dialog Insight emails

Choose a sub-domain from your company main domain (the one your customers know and associate with your company).

If the name is already available in the list of Validated Domains, you can skip this step.

  1. List all the domains that will be used as the sender address in your emails (for example: "yourcompany.com".

  2. Go to Account Management (⚙), in the Organization section, under Domain Management and Validated Domains to add your domain and validate it. You will then need to create the DNS entries provided for validation on your server.

If you want to continue the procedure later, because the file or DNS record is not yet installed, click the Continue later button to validate later. If you interrupt the validation, the domain will then be listed in the lower section, entitled Domains to validate, from which you can select it later to continue the validation.

If you have done the validation, check that the site is validated.

Once Dialog Insight has confirmed the presence of the file at the root of your site, or the DNS record contains the correct validation code, the Status column will indicate Validated.

DKIM Signature

Once validated, add your domain to the list under Sender domains. Click on the “DKIM Signature” button and make the requested entries. You can then validate these from the interface.

Once you have completed the above steps you will then get a system validation if the DNS entries are correctly configured. From that moment on, you will be able to use this sender domain to send your emails.

You can also find the instructions on how to set up DKIM and SPF for Dialog Insight, here.

Add a Dialog Insight DKIM key in Valimail

You can find more detailed information on how to add a DKIM key in Valimail, here:

Configuring SPF authentication for your Dialog Insight emails

Once you establish that Dialog Insight is an authorized sender for your domain, you will need to add the service in your Enabled Senders.

You will find more detailed information on how to add a service for your domain in Valimail, here:

Note: We encourage you to use the comment section for any useful information about your sending service, such as the name of the service owner, change request ticket numbers, etc.

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