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How to set up DMARC for Copernica in Valimail

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SPF(supported) (dedicated subdomain)

This article covers the SPF and DKIM authentication processes for Copernica and how they are managed in Valimail. While only one of the two authentication methods is required for an email to pass DMARC, our recommendation is to configure both whenever possible.

Configuring DKIM authentication for your Copernica emails

Step 1. Generate the DKIM key

The DKIM key is created in the Publisher.

1. Under E-mailings, go to Extra -> DKIM Keys.

2. In the dialog window, choose New DKIM key.

3. Enter your domain name ( in the domain field.

4. In the subdomain field enter the name of the selector which will hold the DKIM key later on, without the ._domainkey part. In this example we use dkim but you are completely free to use something else.

5. Choose the desired key strength. We recommend 2048bit.

6. Store these settings.

Your key is now generated. The next step is to paste this key into the TXT record subdomain. You may close the DKIM dialog. The key remains available in the software.

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Step 2. Add the key into the TXT record on your DNS

In step one, you have generated the key. The next step is to paste the key into the TXT record on your subdomain.

Note: If you manage DKIM in Valimail, you will need to add this DKIM key on your domain's Configuration page in Valimail Enforce.

Step 3. Validate the DKIM key

You have followed the first two steps precisely. Let’s validate if the DKIM has been configured correctly and can be sent along with your mailings.

1. Go to E-mailings -> Extra -> DKIM keys.

2. Select your DKIM record.

3. Click to the DNS tab.

Here you will find a list of checks and their results. If there are any errors, solve them before you start sending mails signed with the DKIM.

You can also find the instructions on how to set up DKIM and SPF for Copernica, here.

Add a Copernica DKIM key in Valimail

You can find more detailed information on how to add a DKIM key in Valimail, here:

Configuring SPF authentication for your Copernica emails

Once you establish that Copernica is an authorized sender for your domain, you will need to add the service in your Enabled Senders.

You will find more detailed information on how to add a service for your domain in Valimail, here:

Note: We encourage you to use the comment section for any useful information about your sending service, such as the name of the service owner, change request ticket numbers, etc.

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