The following article is a guide to help you add Portfolios, create and manage Teams, in your Valimail account.

NOTE: This article is applicable only to Valimail Enterprise Enforce and Valimail Core customers.


Adding a Portfolio in Valimail

1. To add a Portfolio to your Valimail account, expand the Settings section.

2. Click on Portfolios:

3. Once in Portfolios, click on the + Add a Portfolio button located on the right-hand side of the screen:

Click Add Portfolio

4. Give a name to your new Portfolio and a description that details its purpose. Once finished, click on Save.

Name portfolio and click save

5. On the next window that comes up, click on the + Add Domains to Portfolio button:

Add domains to portfolio

6. Add domains to your portfolios using one of these options:

  • Click on the desired domain/s from the list. 
  • Search for the desired domain/s.
  • Add the desired domain/s from a csv file. The first row in the CSV file should contain the word "domains". 

click add domains

7. Once the desired domain/s are selected, click on Add Domains.

8. You can always delete any domain in the portfolio, by just clicking on the corresponding X button next to that domain.

edit portfolio name and remove domain

You can give role-based access controls to Portfolios with the use of the Teams feature. The instructions below show you how to create a Team and how to configure permissions for the Portfolio.

Note: You can always rename your Portfolio by clicking on the editing pen next to the portfolio's current name.

Creating and managing Teams

  1. In your Valimail account first go to Account Settings. Under that on the left, click on the Teams section.
  2. To add a new team, click on the Add button in blue as you see below.
    add teams

  3. You can then enter the Team Name of your choice and an option of adding a description for this team. Owners will have the ability to edit, remove, add members, and specify their permissions.

Managing User Permissions

After creating the team you can click on the team name where you will be able to view all the team members, assign them to certain portfolios, and give them access to certain organizational domains/subdomains and mailboxes.

members portfolios org domains subdomains

Assigning Teams users to Portfolios

1. Click on the respective team that you want to manage:

click team

2. Inside the Team, you will have the option to add or remove any Team members.

add/remove member

3 Click on the Portfolios tab.

4. Select portfolios that the team will have access to and set permissions.

set user permissions

Note: Owners will have the ability to edit, remove, add members, and specify their permissions.

Note: If you cannot see the Portfolio feature on your account, please reach out to your Valimail Customer Success Manager and they'll happily discuss options with you.