The features and instructions below are available only in the Valimail Enforce and Align products. 


Valimail Instant SPF™ is an automated SPF technology that supports authenticating an unlimited number of services and systems on a single domain. Built on top of Valimail’s global, cloud-based infrastructure, Instant SPF™ dynamically generates a perfectly tailored SPF record, in milliseconds, in response to each mail server request.

The Valimail SPF Manager is the interface that enables customers to automate SPF authentication for any given service with the click of a button. This article will explain how to add new services to your domain's SPF configuration in Valimail. 

Adding a new sender to your domain's SPF configuration

1. Open Enforce, and go to Domains on the left. 

2. From the list of domains, click on the domain name that you want to update. 

3. Under the organizational domain, scroll down to the Enabled Senders section.

4. Click on the Enabled Sender or Netblock button.

enabled sender or netblock

5. Select the service from the Service Name drop-down menu. 

add sender

6. Click Add

A sender I want to configure is not in the list, what should I do?

It's possible that the sender you are looking for does not support SPF alignment, or it is not listed in our catalog. In either case, we recommend opening a ticket with our support team to see what is the best course of action. 

If this is a new sender we've never seen before we can work with you to gather all the necessary information, and then work through our internal process to add the sender to our catalog. Even if the sender is not listed in our catalog, we can configure it for you, either through the backend, or by adding the sender's IP addresses to the Netblocks. 

Adding a Netblock to your domain's SPF configuration

Netblocks are individual IPs or blocks of IPs that send emails on your behalf. Often times these are not associated with a known sender and are very likely being used by an internal mail server, or device (e.g. printer, scanner) to send emails on your domain's behalf. 

1. Follow the first 5 steps above to open the Add Sender window, then select the Netblock tab. 

As an alternative, you can scroll down to the Netblocks section under your organizational domain, and click on the Netblock button to open the same window. 


2. Add the IP to the Netblock IP Address Range field. OPTIONAL: Give the netblock a name or associate it with a known sender (last field). 

add sender

3. Click Add.

In order to take advantage of the Valimail Instant SPF™ technology you will need to first point your SPF record to Valimail, by following the instructions here. Before pointing the SPF record to Valimail make sure that all the sender and netblocks from your old SPF record have been added to the configuration in Valimail. 

Adding a new sender or Netblock to a subdomain's SPF configuration

Before configuring a new sender on a subdomain, make sure the subdomain is added to your domain's configuration. Please see this article below for the steps to add a subdomain to your configuration.

1. Open Enforce, and go to Domains on the left. 

2. From the list of domains, click on the domain name that you want to update.

3. Scroll down to the Email Subdomains section. 

4. Click on the Enabled Sender or Netblock button under the subdomain that you want to update. 

5. Add the new Sender or Netblock. 

Important: The Enforce Starter package does not include subdomain configuration. 

When should I point the SPF record to Valimail for a subdomain, and when not to do this? 

When you are planning on using multiple senders on a subdomain, then you can point the SPF record to Valimail to overcome the 10 DNS lookup limit.

If the subdomain is dedicated to one sender, and the subdomain points to the vendor's servers with a CNAME record, then you do not need to point the SPF record to Valimail. We call these Dedicated Subdomains, and for these, the vendor is the one that is hosting the SPF and MX records for the subdomain, so there is no need for you to publish an additional SPF record. 

When do I use the Single Sender option? 

If you are configuring a dedicated subdomain you can enable the Single Sender option after adding the sender to its configuration. The Single Sender will help with the email classification in our Authentication Report.single sender


As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to submit a ticket.