This article is intended for customers using the paid version of our Enforce product.

Valimail uses a part of the SPF standard called Macros. These are supported by all email receivers. Macros, along with Valimail’s patented technology, allow Valimail to provide SPF services and directly address the 10 domain lookup limit in the SPF standard. (

To manage SPF for this domain from the Valimail Enforce platform, backup and remove your existing SPF record, then add the following TXT record for the domain to your DNS:

Record Name: 

Record Type: TXT    

Record Value: "v=spf1 include:%{i}._ip.%{h}._ehlo.%{d} ~all"

*Replace ‘’ with your domain name.

We recommend a TTL of 300 seconds, although using a longer TTL (up to 3600 seconds) should be fine if you'd like to reduce the load on your DNS server. Please note that because of existing DNS TTLs it may take some time for Valimail to detect that you've configured the DNS record correctly.