Emma is a Marketing Email platform


Aligned Authentication method:

SPF - No

DKIM - Yes CNAME Record

In order to enable Emma as a sender on your account you will need to add it to the Enabled Senders list in your configuration.

Then you will need to add 3 DKIM key CNAME records to your configuration at the bottom of the page.

Use the following, and be sure to associate the keys with Emma as a sender:

e2ma-k1._domainkey CNAME to e2ma-k1.dkim.e2ma.net

e2ma-k2._domainkey CNAME to e2ma-k2.dkim.e2ma.net

e2ma-k3._domainkey CNAME to e2ma-k3.dkim.e2ma.net

Once this is done, you will need to create a text value on the Emma platform and put that in your DNS as a TXT record.

Instructions to do this are found here, under the section "How to create a TXT record":


Once this has been completed the Emma account owner will need to activate the DKIM signing. See the above link for instructions.