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Connect your domain's DMARC record to Monitor
Connect your domain's DMARC record to Monitor
Updated over a week ago

This article outlines the necessary steps for connecting your domain's DMARC record to Monitor. This approach streamlines the process of connecting Monitor with your DNS host, eliminating the need for manually publishing records in your external DNS zone.

Connect your DMARC record with these 7 easy steps

  1. Go to and log into your Monitor account.

  2. Click on CONNECT YOUR DNS.

    connect your dns
  3. Click on the link under Recommended: Connect Automatically.

    connect automatically
  4. Click Continue.

  5. Log into your DNS Host account.

    login dns host
  6. If we detect an existing DMARC record we will present the proposed changes. After reviewing them click on Okay, Continue.

  7. Click Done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I not seeing the option to Connect Automatically?

The option to automatically connect is not available if your domain is hosted by a DNS provider that doesn't support this feature. You can still manually publish the DMARC record in your external DNS by following the instructions here.

I don't have access to the external DNS, can I forward these instructions to my admin?

Yes, you can! In the instructions above at Step 5, you are given the option to forward the login to someone else. Share the link with your DNS admin, and he can continue the process with Steps 5-7.

When should I expect the first reports to show up in Monitor?

DMARC aggregate reports are sent by Email Service Providers once every 24 hours, so in some cases you will see the first reports come in, the day after you've pointed the DMARC record to Valimail.

The status of my domain still shows "Not configured" after following these instructions. Should I be concerned?

This is expected, due to existing DNS TTLs (time-to-live), it may take some time for Valimail to detect that you've updated your DNS with the correct settings (anywhere between a few minutes to a couple of hours).

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