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How to contact Valimail Support
How to contact Valimail Support
Updated over a week ago

The following changes are in effect as of May 7th, 2024

This article does not apply to Valigov.

Accessing the messenger window

The messenger will be available directly in the Valimail app:

  1. Navigate to

  2. Login to your account

  3. Click on the messenger icon in the lower right corner

Valimail AI Chat

The Valimail AI is here to help with all inquiries directly from the messenger:

  1. Open the messenger window

  2. Click on "Ask a question"

Logging a ticket

  1. From the messenger window click on "Ask a question"

  2. After the AI reply, you can click on "Get More Help" to open a support ticket

  3. Click on "Create Ticket"

  4. Fill out the ticket creation form

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