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How Do I Reset The Password To My Valimail Account?
How Do I Reset The Password To My Valimail Account?

Steps to reset the password for your Valimail account

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This article will present the steps required of you in order to change your Valimail account password.

Reasons for account password reset

Every now and again, it can happen to anyone to need a password reset on their account. The reasons for that action can be multiple. Below are the most common:

  • Security risk

  • Account lockout due to unsuccessful logins.

  • Turning off SSO login

  • Browser and password settings reset

Steps to reset your Valimail account password

1. Please make sure you try to log in to your Valimail account using this link.

2. If you have an unsuccessful login or you just want to change the password for no other reason, you need to just click on the Forgot Password link, located under the Password box:

a screenshot of a login page

3. Once you click on the Forgot Password link, a new page will open up where you will need to submit the address you used to log in to Valimail and then click on the Send me reset password instructions button:

a screenshot of a login box

4. You will then receive a password reset email to the address you specified in the email field above. If you do not see this email in your inbox, make sure to check all the mailbox folders, including spam/junk.

5. Once you open the email, click the Change my password link.

6. Reset your password on the window that opens up. Please note that the password must have at least 16 characters and it needs to be different that your older passwords.

7. Once you have completed the password reset, log into your Valimail account using your new password.


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