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Getting Started with Valimail Align
Getting Started with Valimail Align

Steps on how to get started with Valimail Align

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The first step in getting started with Valimail is to point the DMARC record for your domain to us. This allows Valimail to receive DMARC aggregate reports for your domain, so we can build the reports that provide you visibility into who is sending emails as you.

We recommend pointing the DMARC record to Valimail using a NameServer (NS) record type.

Record Name:

Record Type: NameServer (NS)

Record Value:

In case your DNS Host does not support custom NS records, you can point the DMARC record to Valimail, using the CNAME record below.

Record Name:

Record Type: CNAME

Record Value:

When using the CNAME record type, the external reporting domains cannot be managed through Valimail. You can learn more about external reporting domains here.


  • It is recommended to delete the “” TXT record from your DNS zones after you’ve published the NS record (or CNAME record).

  • Please note that because of existing DNS TTLs, it may take some time for Valimail to detect that you've updated your DNS with the correct settings (anywhere between a few minutes to a couple of hours).

  • DMARC aggregate reports are sent by Email Service Providers once every 24 hours, so in some cases you will see the first reports come in, the day after you've pointed the DMARC record to Valimail.

Now that you've pointed the DMARC record for your domain to Valimail, you can upgrade from Valimail Monitor to the Align product for added benefits like instant SPF, easy DKIM management, and an intelligent task list. Upgrade to Align following the steps here.

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