Configuring Cloudflare Email Routing

How to configure Cloudflare Email Routing for DMARC authentication in Valimail Enforce

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Configuring Cloudflare Email Routing

Cloudflare Email Routing requires special configuration actions outside of the Valimail Platform. Please follow these steps in your Cloudflare account to complete configuration for Cloudflare Email Routing.

  1. Go to the email page on the Cloudflare dashboard.

  2. Select Configure.

  3. Enter the email address you wish to use. Either a single address or a catch-all for your entire domain.

  4. The DNS configuration step is automatic if you don’t have email configured for your domain. Note: if you do have DNS setup, Cloudflare can provide instructions on configuring your DNS. Do not change your DMARC, SPF or DKIM records if you are currently pointing them to the Valimail platform.

  5. Lastly, you just need to validate that the destination email belongs to you. Super simple, and exactly the same as you’ve done a million times before.

Cloudflare Email Routing "sits in front of" an email box of your choosing. You will still need to set up the particular sender(s) your organization uses in addition to Cloudflare Email routing eg Google Worksspace or MS Office 365. Please see our other articles on setting up and configuring senders in our Knowledge Base here and here.

If you are an Enforce or Amplify customer, do not use Cloudflare's Email Record Wizard to generate new SPF or DMARC records as you could create a record that exceeds the 10 lookup limit in SPF. You could severely impact your email authentication.

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