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Amplify (BIMI) & Logos FAQ
Amplify (BIMI) & Logos FAQ
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I don't see my logo in X client, why is that?

I don't see our corporate logo when I sent a test message to my personal Yahoo! address, why not?

Not all desktop and mobile apps are supported. For example, Gmail's web application will display logos for the org domains and subdomains which have their own DMARC policies and BIMI selector, but as of Oct 7, 2021 they were not displaying the logos for subdomains in their mobile GMail client due to an issue they were hoping to clear up soon.

There have also been reports of differences between the Gmail iOS app and the Android App. See Google's site for more information.

Yahoo! Mail may display differently depending on the client (desktop/mobile) and where the email is coming from. While Yahoo! supports BIMI, for personal mailboxes they display the BIMI logo with preferences towards bulk marketing systems. See this page for more information.

Where is BIMI supported currently?

Check in with the BIMI Group which publishes an infographic here.

Screenshot from Oct 7, 2021:

Why is Microsoft not on that list?

Microsoft supports DMARC and DMARC initiatives. We do not have specific timelines on their support of BIMI because up until recently, Microsoft had their own brands program, their "Business Profiles" being a functionality in their systems.

Update: The Microsoft Brands Program (Business Profiles) has been put on hold by Microsoft at present time.

The general hope is that it will be replaced with BIMI, as they started to express interest in adopting the BIMI brand.

Please see this article for more info.

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