The Failure Reports feature is available for all accounts that opt-in to have this feature enabled.

Valimail RUF+ is the world's most effective, timely and secure way to discover sending service owners and diagnose failing services so you can streamline your journey to continuous DMARC protection.

The Failure Reports is a component of the Valimail RUF+ enhanced feature. It will help you to investigate DMARC Failure Reports, and establish why they are failing, thus providing the action point needed to fix them. 

This feature will be of great help to you during and after the domain onboarding process and will ensure that you can investigate and decide/take action on any failed email.

What are Failure Reports?

DMARC Failure reports are generated and sent almost immediately by the recipient's mailbox after an email fails DMARC authentication. However, many of the most popular email providers, do not issue failure reports, sticking just to the normal aggregate reports.

Not every mailbox provider issues DMARC failure reports. The main reasons for that are attributed to concerns regarding privacy and performance related considerations. Big entities such are Microsoft of Google along with several others, do not produce failure reports.

How to access the Failure Reports in Valimail Enforce?

You can reach the Failure Reports by clicking on the Failure Insights section, located in the left side menu in Valimail Enforce.

How to use the Failure Reports?

Once you access on the Failure Reports modal, you will need to click on the View Failure Report link on the right side correspondent to each email you see in there.

Example of a Failure Report:

If there are no current Failure Reports to be displayed, you will see this window:

Does the Failure Reports require any configuration?

To use the Failure Reports, no other connection is necessary, as this will be based on the ingestion of RUF reports.

Reminder: The Failure Reports feature will be available for all accounts that opt-in to have this feature enabled.

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to submit a ticket.