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I can't find a sender in the email service provider configuration list
I can't find a sender in the email service provider configuration list

Why can't I find a sender in the Email Service Provider configuration list?

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We frequently get asked about unalignable senders:

  • What should I do about a sender that is not alignable?

  • I want to enable a sender for my domain, but I don’t see it listed under the “Email service provider” list in my configuration. Why is that?

  • I work with a sending service who says they send in alignment, but I can't find out how to add it to my senders list.

There are two types of emailing sending services (ESPs) that we typically track: Identifiable and Configurable.

Valimail has identified thousands and thousands ESPs aka identifiable senders. A subset of these are capable as sending as their customers (using a From: address of in a DMARC-compatible way. That subset are the configurable senders.

If you are trying to configure a sending service for your domain and you do not see a that service listed, this is likely due to that email service provider not being capable of sending as your domain in an alignable way for DMARC.

Note: Valimail adds new identified and configurable senders to the platform frequently. We also periodically update senders if they have updated their systems to be able to send in alignment as your domain.

What should I do if I need to use an unalignable sender?

Here are some options:

  1. Contact the ESP/vendor to ask them to update their system to send in an aligned way as your domain. Once this is done contact Valimail support via a support ticket.

  2. Change the From: address of the messages coming from that vendor to a default value that is not your domain.

  3. Switch to a different vendor/ESP that is capable of sending in an aligned manner.

Note: Some ESPs give out incorrect instructions to their customers regarding alignment. Some state that a SPF update is all that is needed to fix their alignment. We have found that this is not always the case. We investigate sending services frequently and update them as needed.

If you are an Enforce customer and use an unalignable ESP that is business critical for you, we can communicate with them about improving their capabilities if you broker an email introduction to us. File a ticket with our support team and we can follow up with you about what may be needed for next steps.

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