How to set up DMARC for MessageBird in Valimail

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This article covers the SPF and DKIM authentication processes for MessageBird and how they are managed in Valimail. While only one of the two authentication methods is required for an email to pass DMARC, our recommendation is to configure both whenever possible.

Configuring DKIM authentication for your MessageBird emails

Step 1: Set up your Inbox email

Go to the Channels page in your MessageBird Dashboard and click Email (Get started).

This will take you to the following page:

Step 2: Give your channel a name

Name your channel, make sure it's easily recognizable for yourself and your team. Don't worry, this will only be used internally. For our example, the channel name is Email Amsterdam.

Step 3: Add your domain name

Time to add your domain. Please make sure that you own the domain and have access to its Domain Name System (DNS) record.

Step 4: Add your webhook URL (optional)

You have the option to add the URL from which you want to receive webhooks. Keep in mind that this webhook will only be used for inbound emails only. When you’re finished click Install Channel.

Step 5: Perform DKIM domain verification

Click the Edit Channel icon.

Use the DKIM to verify your sender domain. You will need to manually add the DKIM within 90 days. Copy the Hostname and Value below, and add them to your DNS record.

NOTE: If you manage you domain in Valimail, you will need to add the DKIM key/s on your domain's configuration page in the Valimail platform.

Verification can take up to 48 hours depending on your email client but we recommend waiting 30 minutes or so before verifying the records (sometimes longer). If you still see the error 'Action Required' after some time, please make sure your DKIM record is properly configured in their DNS servers and reach out to us if you still see issues.

You can also find the instructions on how to set up DKIM and SPF for MessageBird, here.

Add a MessageBird DKIM key in Valimail

You can find more detailed information on how to add a DKIM key in Valimail, here:

Configuring SPF authentication for your MessageBird emails

Once you establish that MessageBird is an authorized sender for your domain, you will need to add the service in your Enabled Senders.

You will find more detailed information on how to add a service for your domain in Valimail, here:

Note: We encourage you to use the comment section for any useful information about your sending service, such as the name of the service owner, change request ticket numbers, etc.

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