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How to set up DMARC for Sage Intacct in Valimail

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This article covers the SPF and DKIM authentication processes for Sage Intacct and how they are managed in Valimail. Because this service leverages Sendgrid's email infrastructure, it requires additions to your DNS records outside of the Valimail platform. Adding Sage Intacct as an authorized sender in the Valimail platform usually requires a dedicated subdomain to be pointed to the Sendgrid infrastructure and typically the DKIM keys will be added in the Valimail platform.

Configuring DKIM authentication for your Sage Intacct emails

Authenticate your domain

  1. Go to Company > Setup > Company.

  2. Select the Security tab.

  3. Select Edit.

  4. Scroll down to Email sender domain settings.

  5. Enter your Email sender domain.

    For example, if you enter, then emails will be sent from [email protected].

  6. Select Authenticate domain.

If you want to authenticate a different domain, select Delete domain and start again.

Enter DNS Keys

When the authentication process is complete, a DNS key table appears. Six total DNS keys must be added to the DNS table.

  1. Enter DNS keys.

    • Row 1: Enter the CNAME used to configure the SPF record.

    • Row 2 and 3: Enter the two CNAMEs used to configure DKIM authentication.

    • Row 4 and 5: Enter one or two TXT strings that are used to configure EKS.

    • Row 6: Enter one TXT string used to configure SPF for the previous email delivery service (for backwards compatibility).

  2. Select Validate domain.

Below is an example of DNS keys:

You can also find the instructions on how to set up DKIM and SPF for Sage Intacct, here.

Configuring SPF authentication for your Sage Intacct emails

Once you establish that Sage Intacct is an authorized sender for your domain, you will need to add the service in your Enabled Senders.

You will find more detailed information on how to add a service for your domain in Valimail, here:

Note: We encourage you to use the comment section for any useful information about your sending service, such as the name of the service owner, change request ticket numbers, etc.

Enable SPF alignment in Sage Intacct for your domain

You may notice that Intacct emails are not authenticated via SPF, even after you have added Intacct to your domain's configuration. This is likely caused by Intacct not sending SPF aligned-mail and can be corrected by configuring a CNAME record.

In Sage Intacct, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Company from the navigation bar.

  2. Select the Setup tab.

  3. Select Company under Configuration within the menu.

  4. Click the Security tab.

  5. Scroll down to Email sender domain settings.

    a screenshot of a computer screen

  6. Fill in the domain (for example:

  7. Check the box Enforce DNS Validation.

    • If it is correctly setup you will receive a popup that states, the configuration is valid.

    • If it is not correctly setup the popup will show below, and you will need to review the configuration:

a black screen with white text
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