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How to manage subdomains in Enforce
How to manage subdomains in Enforce
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In the below article, you will discover how to manage your existing subdomains in the Valimail Enforce Configuration Page

Viewing Options

  • List View - as the name describes it, this is just a list of all subdomains added in Valimail with no other details;

  • the Detailed View - Here you can delete the subdomain by clicking on the recycle bin, you can see the SPF and DKIM instructions as for the org domain and you can also see if we are getting DMARC reports for said subdomain.


  • This is for adding metadata or comments for a subdomain, eg: account owner name or a description of the business managed by the subdomain

Configured/Not Configured button and what it means: (1)

subdomain instructions
  • For all subdomains listed in the detailed view, you will see a Configured button that has a blue checkmark.

  • This means that we are receiving DMARC reports for the subdomain, usually because all subdomains inherit the DMARC record from the org domain. In case it says not configured that means that the subdomain has it's own DMARC record and Valimail is not getting reports for it.

  • You can also point the DMARC record separately for the subdomain to Valimail, in case you want to have a distinct DMARC record from the org domain.

  • When DMARC points to Valimail for a subdomain you will also see a DMARC record button with a blue checkmark confirming that. (2)

  • Pointing SPF & DKIM (3,4)

  • For each subdomain, you will see SPF and DKIM instructions.

  • We only recommend pointing SPF and DKIM to Valimail in case the subdomain is a complex one with multiple senders and DKIM keys.

  • In case this is a single sender subdomain, you can turn on the toggle for single sender and no other action is required as in those cases the required records will be managed in DNS.

  • Note: The Single Sender toggle is visible when you have only 1 sender added.

Single Sender turned on

Changing the DMARC policy for a subdomain

  • This is only applicable if the subdomain is explicitly pointing DMARC to Valimail via NS.

  • In order to change the DMARC policy, you have to click on the subomain name and then click on the DMARC Policy (None, Quarantine or Reject). That will open a new popup where you will have the option to update the policy identical to the one for the org domain.

Authentication Report

By clicking on the subdomain name, you also have the possibility to get to the authentication report for that specific subdomain and see only the messages sent using that header_from subdomain.

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