Custom Alerts


Applicable Products: Enforce®

Here’s what’s new and what it means for you

DMARC Policy Alert

The DMARC policy alert will notify you when there are changes to your DMARC policy. You can choose to add this alert for a specific domain or all domains on your account. This alert will let you know if your DMARC enforcement policy changes or if there are issues with your existing DMARC record. 

Enabled Senders DMARC Alert

Allows you to be notified when an enabled sender on a specified domain hits a certain DMARC pass rate threshold. The threshold options are 

  • Passing (95-100%)
  • Partially Passing (51-94%)
  • Failing (0-50%). 

These percentages are calculated over a rolling 30-day period. This alert will allow you to keep tabs on senders that might need additional configuration, senders that have had new instances added, or senders that have been configured correctly

Executive Report Alert

This alert allows you to sign up for a notification when a new executive report is available for your account.

If you have any questions about the content of an alert, please submit a ticket here and we will be more than happy to help!