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NEW! Is Your Mail Being Delivered? 

This new category aggregates all of your DMARC data from the last 30 days and breaks it down into five buckets

  • Allowed Through - With Enforcement: This shows emails that passed DMARC authentication, were successfully delivered and were sent from domains that are at enforcement. 
  • Allowed Through - No Enforcement: This shows the number of emails sent from domains you own that are not at DMARC enforcement. All emails represented in this status get through to the inboxes they’re sent to, regardless of which service sent them. While that’s not a problem for legitimate mails you send, it represents a major risk of exact-domain impersonation attacks. Once you reach enforcement, giving you full control and protection over outbound email from your domain(s), this number will be zero.

  • Allowed Through - Policy Override: The number of emails that failed DMARC authentication across all of your domains but were allowed through due to an override. An override is a decision by the receiver to ignore the DMARC policy. A good example is Gmail overriding a failed DMARC alignment in order to accept a forwarded group email that it’s certain is actually non-malicious.

  • Quarantined: Represents part of the message volume from domains at enforcement, showing the number of emails marked as spam by the end user’s email provider as a result of failing DMARC authentication.

  • Rejected: Represents a part of the enforced domain message volume, showing the number of emails that failed DMARC authentication and never reached the inbox.

NEW! Top Senders

Highlights the named Email Service Providers across the domains you own that are sending the most emails on your behalf

  • Sending Domain Modal:
    • You can click on each sender under the Top Senders category to be shown a modal that displays a breakdown of each domain the sender is using to send emails. Clicking on the domain will take you to that domain’s breakdown of the sender in more detail. Note: The approval state column indicates whether the sender has been enabled on a domain

NEW! Top Sending Domains

Highlights the domains on your account that are sending the most email, the email volume for that domain, as well as an indication of if the domain is passing DMARC overall.

  • Domains with a total volume of more than 20 emails in a 30 day period will be shown as Passing DMARC if the overall pass rate is 95% or higher
  • Domains with a total volume of 20 or fewer emails in a 30 day period will be shown as Passing DMARC if the overall pass rate is 85% or higher

NEW! Suggestions

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