Domains List Refresh


Applicable Products: Enforce®, Monitor®

Here’s what’s new and what it means for you

Page Redesign

  • Refreshed the page design for better informational architecture, performance, and usability.

Updated Columns

Added new columns, updated existing columns, and implemented the ability to sort the domains list ascending or descending via each column

  • NEW! DMARC Record Type: Indicates the type of DNS record used to point DMARC to Valimail for each domain (None, NS, TXT, CNAME)
  • [Enforce® Only] Enforcement Status: Implemented the ability to view DNS instructions from the domains list when a domain is Not Configured.
  • [Enforce® Only] Sending Status: Enhanced the messaging shown when a domain’s sending status is clicked, giving more context and information into what each available sending status means.
  • Report Received: Added a “Waiting for Data” indicator that highlights domains that have recently had their DMARC records pointed to Valimail
  • Report: New styling and wording. This column shows a “view” link if DMARC data is available to view for a given domain

NEW! Filters 

Added new filters to help users find domains more easily

  • DMARC Record Type: Added ability to filter by Any, None, NS, CNAME, TXT
  • Reports Available: Allows the domains list to be filtered by domains that do or do not have DMARC report data available to view.

Note: The Domain List refresh rollout will be incremental over the next few weeks