EFP, or "Email Fraud Protect" was the name of a Symantec-branded instance of the Valimail Enforce platform. The old instance was referred to as "Email Fraud Protect (powered by Valimail)" or simply as "EFP" in many cases.

The platforms have been merged into a single instance which is just has the Valimail Enforce branding and logos in the UI. In the backend there were no changes- the legacy DNS setup instructions are still functional and you can use the setup instructions in this folder (link below) or you can use Valimail's standard delegation instructions for your domain(s) for onboarding.

Getting Started in EFP articles are here and articles about specific senders can be found under "Third Party Senders" in the Enforce Folder of this KB.

If you have questions about specific articles or need help setting up a sender please check in the other sections of our KB or open a support ticket through the portal or by emailing support@valimail.com..