Valimail is rolling out a new product called Authenticate. Users signing up on our platform will have accounts created in the Authenticate product. 

There will be a visibility-only version of the product similar to our existing Monitor product. This will be available in the very near future. Valimail Support can enable the Monitor product for users who have signed up for Authenticate before this product has been made available should they wish to leverage that product.

Please note: The visibility-only version of the Authenticate will replace the Monitor product and current Monitor users will be moved over to the Authenticate product in the near future. 

There is a trial period for using Authenticate and at the end of the trial users may upgrade to the paid version of the product. Pricing information is on our site here.

If you have signed up for Authenticate, we'd love to hear your feedback. Please reach out to us by filing a ticket on the portal or via email at