Valimail will be migrating the separate instance of the Email Fraud Protect (EFP) into our main instance of Valimail. 

Accounts on the EFP will not be impacted by the backend changes. We will be copying user accounts and configurations for senders to the main instance. We will continue to respond to the appropriate DNS queries for DMARC, SPF and DKIM for the original EFP values provided during the original customer onboardings.

EFP Customers who would like to update their DMARC, SPF, and DKIM records to use the standard Valimail records may do so. Please see the articles in this section of our KB or email your Account Manager or contact us here at 

Customers may notice two UI differences: 1. A "shield" or "not configured" change and 2. cosmetic change in the top left corner of the UI.  (notes and screenshots below)

1. If your domain is at enforcement, your domain list or configuration page may temporarily show "not configured" or not have our Shield logo next to the domain. This is a UI issue. Your domain's enforcement status has not changed and clicking through the logos will show you this. (or you can verify using the dig command on a terminal)

example - config page shows "Not configured" on configuration URL

clicking through shows correct setup

2. EFP branding. In place of the older Symantec EFP Logo and similar branding, the logos will be from our main instance of the Valimail application.

Valimail's main instance: