Marching Order may require extra setup outside of the Valimail platform. Please be sure to contact Marching Order's Support Team for additional information.

In order to enable Marching Order as an enabled sender, log in to your account and go to your domain's configuration page - 

Click the + sign under Enabled Senders and add Marching Order. 

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Add a DKIM key. Add the DKIM key (usually called "api") with the appropriate public key and associate the key with the Marching Order service.

At this point you will need to contact Marching Order for them to verify the setup. They may encounter an error with the SPF record. See the notes below


We have heard from various customers that it is preferable to set up Marching Order from a specific subdomain- eg instead of setting it up at the Org domain level (ie instead of This is due to a few reasons:

1) Marching Order leverages Elastic Email as their infrastructure provider and has limited control over Elastic Email's verification process.

2) Elastic Email is incapable of parsing our customers' standard SPF record. Instead their platform is doing a simple regex check against the text record to find an include and not a real SPF query. (we have reached out to Elastic Email to improve their verification process). Using a dedicated subdomain as noted above can help with this problem. 

3) Another workaround is to specifically list the Elastic Email SPF include in your SPF record directly after the Valimail record. This is not ideal as the Elastic Email record is overly permissive. But some customers have said this worked for them.