CisionPR requires special configuration actions outside of Authenticate. Please follow these steps to complete configuration for Cision, and then return to your automation-guided task list in Valimail Authenticate.

1. It is not necessary to add Cision PR as an 'Approved Sender' because the service uses a dedicated subdomain which will be delegated to Cision PR servers. Cision PR will then publish an SPF record on that subdomain. The subdomain information will be provided in Step 2 below.

Example subdomain for CisionPR: 

Note: This specific sub-domain will not use the Valimail Instant SPF response. The sub-domain will only use the SPF record generated via the Cision PR UI. This will be a CNAME record which you need to add to your DNS for validation purposes. 

2. Activating DKIM signing for CisionPR.

Activating DKIM signing for CisionPR can be done after contacting CisionPR's Support team to let them know that you would like to enable this feature. Contact them via their Support Email: or Support Phone #: 855-204-3479. CisionPR support will give you the name of the subdomain to use, a CNAME record to put in your DNS and two DKIM records to add to Valimail Authenticate.

3. Add the DKIM keys in Valimail Authenticate for Cision PR:

  3.1 Click on Cision PR from the Senders section:

   3.2 Click on 'Add DKIM KEY':

3.3 Click on the dropdown menu under the Record Type section and switch to CNAME and add the information provided by Cision CR support and then select Add:

4. After adding the CNAME records, and adding the subdomain CNAME record to your own DNS,  you can validate the setup from the Cision PR Admin Console, or you can reach out to CisionPR Support to have them verify the configuration.

6. Once you have completed these steps, you can begin sending authenticated email using Cision PR.

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