As an alternative to manually publishing records in the DNS, Authenticate brings a new feature that allows our users to publish all the necessary records at once, using the Domain Connect standard. 

What is Domain Connect and what does it do? 

Domain Connect is an open standard published under the MIT license. When configuring a service, a lot of the times you need to publish a record for it in your DNS, which requires knowledge about the different types of DNS records, HostNames, TTL, and all that makes this process challenging for many. Using the Domain Connect protocol, service providers (Authenticate in this case) can automatically send the instructions to the DNS Host, and the only actions required from the user, would be for him to log into his DNS platform and authorize the changes.  For more information about Domain Connect, go to

When do I use Domain Connect? 

During the initial setup of your domain. In order to manage the DMARC, SPF and DKIM records from Authenticate, you would need to point these 3 records to Valimail. Using Domain Connect this process requires only a few clicks from you.

How do I use Domain Connect? 

First log into Authenticate, then follow the steps below. These steps are only for domains hosted by GoDaddy. 

  1. From the Domains section in Authenticate, click on the domain name that you want to configure. 

  2. Click on Change records with Domain Connect from the To Do list.

  3. Sign in to your GoDaddy account. If you are already signed in, then skip to the next step. 

  4. In GoDaddy click on the Connect button.  

  5. If the next page shows Success! then click on the Close button on the bottom.