Constant Contact requires special configuration actions outside of Authenticate. Please follow these steps to complete the configuration for Constant Contact, and then return to your automation-guided task list in Authenticate.

1. Make sure you have added Constant Contact as an 'Approved Sender' in Authenticate for the domain you are configuring it for.

Note: If Constant Contact has not been approved, please do so now by following these steps:

a. From the Senders section, click on + ADD SENDER FOR [your domain]

b. Choose Marketo from the Service Name drop-down, and click ADD.

2. Enable DKIM signing for your custom domain. This is be done from the Constant Contact admin console in the Constant Contact platform.

To enable DKIM signing from the Constant Contact Admin Console, please follow these steps:

1. Click the name in the upper-right and select My Account.

2. In the My Profile section, click Campaign Email Authentication Settings.

3. Select Self-Authentication using your own domain.

4. Type in your domain name. Make sure there are no empty spaces or extra characters before or after the domain.

5. Click Generate DKIM Key.

6. Once the DKIM Key is generated, you will need to return to the Authenticate platform, click on Constant Contact in the approved sender's area.

7. Click on ADD DKIM KEY in the configuration area.

8. Fill out the DKIM key values that were generated for Constant Contact and click on ADD.

9. Once you’ve completed these steps, you can begin sending authenticated emails using Constant Contact.