What it gets you

Microsoft365 mailboxes do not send DMARC reporting data in the normal manner. This longstanding issue can prevent some domains from getting to DMARC enforcement.

Valimail offers a free reporting solution for organizations using Microsoft Office 365 as their Inbox provider. By connecting Authenticate to Microsoft 365, you get DMARC reporting data from your own mailboxes generated by Valimail's Helios product.

How do I connect?

Follow instructions in the app to 'Connect to Microsoft 365'.

You'll need admin permissions or your Microsoft Office 365 admin to log in to Microsoft 365 and establish the connection. If you aren't a Microsoft 365 admin, add an admin to your account in Valimail Authenticate and ask them to complete this task for you. 

What are the risks?

The Helios product is an API connection to your MS O365 inbox. The API will collect domain information to generate the DMARC aggregate reports.

The mailbox connection only gathers the same anonymized information seen in DMARC aggregate reports. That means no subject lines, no email body text, no attachments, no individual recipients (joe@yourdomain.com), and no individual senders (only sending domains, IPs, and services) will be. .

How do I disconnect?

1. Go to https://portal.azure.com/ and log in with an account that has admin permissions. 

2. Click on Azure Active Directory. 

3. Select Enterprise Applications from the left menu. 

4. Click on Valimail Helios (read-only) Production from the list of applications. 

5. Go to Properties on the left. 

6. Click on the Delete button below the app name.