Fiserv requires special configuration actions outside of Authenticate. Please follow these steps to complete configuration for Fiserv, and then return to your automation-guided task list in Authenticate.

1. Make sure you have added Fiserv as an 'Approved Sender' in Authenticate for the domain you are configuring it for.

Note: If 
Fiserv has not been approved, please do so now by selecting it from the ‘Service Name’ dropdown. For full instructions, read the ['Adding a service' guide].

Note: Fiserv can authenticate using either SPF or DKIM (or both).

2. Part of the Fiserv infrastructure supports DKIM signing in order to send DMARC compliant emails, reach out to Fiserv support for DKIM.

3. Once you have the DKIM key Host Record and TXT Value from Fiserv you will need to add them to Authenticate. 

4. Select 'ADD DKIM KEY' in the Authenticate configuration page.

5. Fill in the DKIM 'Selector' and 'Public Key' sections and leave the 'Record Type' as TXT and then click add.

6. Once the DKIM key is published in Authenticate, please contact Fiserv to let them know that DKIM has been enabled and published. Fiserv Operations will enable and test the key on their side.