Google Workspace does not require special configuration actions for SPF outside of Authenticate. Please follow these steps to complete configuration for Google Workspace and then return to your automation-guided task list in Authenticate. 

Add Google Workspace on your domain in Authenticate

1. Make sure you have added Google Workspace as an Approved Sender in Authenticate for the domain you are configuring it for. 

Note: If Google Workspace has not been approved, please do so now by following these steps:

a. From the Senders section, click on + ADD SENDER FOR [your domain]

b. Choose Google Workspace from the Service Name drop-down, and click ADD.

2. After this, you need to enable DKIM in Google Workspace for your domain.

Steps to Setup DKIM for Google Workspace (G suite):

1. Sign in to your Google Admin console (at with super administrator privileges 

2. Go to Apps > App Settings.

3. go to Google Workspace Core Services and click on Gmail

4. Click Authenticate email.

5. Your primary domain is selected by default. Click your primary domain name and select another domain where you’ll use DKIM.

6. Click on the Generate New Record button to generate a new DKIM record.  For the key length you can choose between 1024 or 2048. After you chose the key length, click on Generate and a DNS TXT record will be generated as shown below:

Publishing the Google DKIM key in Authenticate:

1. Publish the DKIM in Authenticate as seen below:

a. Click Add DKIM Key

b. Enter the values for your DKIM key as provided by Google.

7. After adding the DKIM TXT key record in Authentication, click on Start Authentication in your Google Workspace admin panel:

8. You can send a test email to another Google Workspace user and view the headers to confirm that emails are being DKIM signed.

If you've turned on DKIM on Google's side, you should be done and your emails will authenticate reliably.