We have seen some cases where users failed to receive their registration notifications for newly created Monitor accounts.  The most common problems are among the following:

  • The Domain may have already been registered
    • This happens frequently at large organizations where different departments may try signing up for a Monitor account in our platform using the same domain.
  • Typos or using email addresses in the Domain field during registration 
    • We have seen some users who try to register a domain as name@domain.com instead of just domain.com or they inadvertently enter an invalid domain name
  • Mismatched domains and email addresses
    • The email in your signup form should match the domain name you're attempting to register with us.
  • Attempting to register with a subdomain
    • For the free tiered Monitor accounts you should register the org (top-level) domain, not a subdomain. If you work at a large complex organization, please reach out to us and we can work with you on possibly doing a POC. Or reach out as we can possibly set up a specific subdomain for certain use cases with Monitor. 

Valimail Support will attempt to reach out to you if any of the above cases happen during your registration via a support ticket.