In Proofpoint, go to Email Protection->Email Authentication->DKIM Signing->Keys

Follow the instructions below for each sending domain

  1. Click Generate Key
  2. In the domain field, enter the domain name 
  3. In the selector field, put a unique entry for the domain. 
  4. Set the scope field to any
  5. Disable processing for the default_inbound policy route
  6. Click Add Entry
  7. Click the Show button in the DNS TXT Record field after the entry populates. This will include the public key that you need to send to us.
  8. Send myself and Kenneth the selector name and corresponding public key for each domain
  9. We will enter the key into Valimail for each domain.

Go to Email Protection->Email Authentication->DKIM Signing->General.

  1. Set enable to On (This activates the keys and Proofpoint will start signing outbound emails for each domain configured in the steps above)
  2. Save changes