Aligned Authentication method:

SPF - Yes - TXT

DKIM - Yes TXT record

Symantec Email Security.Cloud, also known as MessageLabs is an email gateway that supports authentication via SPF and DKIM. The gateway can also validate inbound emails for DMARC but this is not enabled by default.

If the customer is using this as a gateway, it is necessary to keep the MessageLabs include in the SPF record after delegating to Valimail. This is due to a known bug in the gateway that manifests when emails are routed internally in their infrastructure. The bug causes the EHLO name to be set to a value that Enforce will not recognize. The Symantec/Broadcom bug number is: Etrack 4235858

When Delegating SPF for a domain using MessageLabs as the gateway, the SPF record should look like this:

v=spf1 include:%{i}._ip.%{h}._ehlo.%{d} ~all