Act-On is a Marketing Automation platform

Aligned Authentication method:

SPF - Yes

DKIM - Yes CNAME Record

You will need to open a support ticket with Act-On to set up SPF and DKIM. You will also need to identify a subdomain that can be set aside for Act-On email. Act-On may require other subdomains for other purposes but this subdomain must be separate from those.

In the support ticket include the subdomain you have chosen.

Act-On will send you the proper DNS changes required for DKIM. The DKIM key will be placed on the top level domain (not the subdomain) and can therefore be added through the Enforce UI. 

For SPF, add the SPF record on the subdomain as specified in the link below. Do not delegate the subdomain SPF to Enforce since Act-On will not be able to recognize this. 

You will also need to add an MX record on the subdomain. The required MX record is also listed in the link below.

Add the subdomain selected above as a Single Sender subdomain in Enforce with Act-On as the selected sender. While Enforce will not be managing SPF for the subdomain, this acts as a record of the subdomain and also guides Helios when classifying email sent with that MailFrom.