Aligned Authentication Method:

SPF - Yes


Newton (now owned by Paycor) uses SendGrid under the hood. The set up process is like a standard SendGrid activation. This is done through opening a ticket with Newton's Customer Support.

Newton will generate the proper DNS instructions for the activation. This will be a CNAME for SPF and two DKIM keys. The DKIM keys can be published through Enforce since the DKIM keys will be on the top level domain. 

Ensure that Newton generates unique DKIM selectors and does not use s1/s2

The customer will need to add the SPF CNAME, as-is, to their DNS. 

Newton may ask for answers to 

  1. Does your organization use SendGrid currently, or do you have any other vendors sending email on your behalf via SendGrid?
  2. Do you have any spam/firewall appliances that might reject emails sent on behalf of other email addresses? If so, please add our IP <x> to the whitelist for the appliance.
  3. We need to confirm a complete list of email domains that your company uses. Please list them here:

For Question #2, there is no need to update firewalls etc.

Once the DNS changes are in place, notify Newton support and they can activate on their end.