1. Login to your Ipdative Portal as an administrator.

2. Click Web Apps in the left pane, then click Add Web Apps.

3. Click the Custom tab, then scroll down and click Add for the SAML web app type.

4. Click Yes to the confirmation questions "Do you want to add this application?", then click Close.

5. On the Settings page, enter the following details:

- Name: Valimail Enforce

Description: <set to blank or a description of your choice>

- Logo: Download the 180x180 Valimail logo from here to your local machine, then upload it to Ipdativ.

- Application ID: https://app.valimail.com

6. Click Save.

7. Click Trust in the left-center pane, then click Download Metadata File. Save the file to your local drive.

8. Scroll down to the Service Provider Configuration section and select Manual Configuration.

Enter the following details and as depicted in the following screenshot:

- SP Entity ID / Issuer / Audience: https://app.valimail.com

- Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) URL: https://app.valimail.com/sso/consume

9. Click Save.

10. Click SAML Response in the left-center pane and add the additional attributes as depicted below, then click Save.

11. Now login to https://app.valimail.com, click your Account Name (in the upper-right corner), and click Account Settings.

12. Click Setup in the Authentication > Single Sign-On section.

13. Enter the following information:

  • IdP Metadata File: click Choose File and upload the file you saved in Step 7.

  • Enable JIT Provisioning (optional): Check this option to enable Just In Time (JIT) Provisioning.

  • Provisioning Domains (for JIT): Add one or more provisioning domains.

  • Click Enable Single Sign-On.
    Valimail SSO Settings

14. Before testing SSO, ensure the users you wish to test with are listed as users in the Valimail Account Settings > Users section (unless JIT Provisioning is enable, in which case this is not necessary).

⚠️ If SSO was unsuccessful and you're unable to login to Valimail Enforce, just email support@valimail.com for assistance.