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1. Login to your IBM Cloud Identity account with administrator credentials.

2. Click Add application.

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3. Click Add application again.

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4. Select Custom Application and click Add application.

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5. On the Add Application > General tab, enter the following data:

Name: Valimail Enforce

Company Name: Valimail

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6. Click the Sign-on tab and enter the following data:

Sign-on Method: SAML 2.0

Provider ID: https://app.valigov.com

Assertion Consumer Service URL: https://app.valigov.com/sso/consume

Check Use Identity provider initiated single sign-on

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7. Scroll down to the Attribute Mappings section and enter values indicated in the below screenshot and click Save.

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8. In the right panel, locate section 4 and download the Identity Provider Federate Metadata file and save it to your local drive.

9. Now login to https://app.valigov.com, click your Account Name (in the upper-right corner), and click Account Settings.

10. Click Setup in the Authentication > Single Sign-On section.

12. Enter the following information:

  • IdP Metadata File: click Choose File and upload the file you saved in Step 8.

  • Enable JIT Provisioning (optional): Check this option to enable Just In Time (JIT) Provisioning.

  • Provisioning Domains (for JIT): Add one or more provisioning domains.

  • Click Enable.a screenshot of a computer

13. Before testing SSO, ensure the users you wish to test with are listed as users in the Account Settings > Users section (unless JIT Provisioning is enable, in which case this is not necessary).

⚠️ If SSO was unsuccessful and you're unable to login to Valimail Enforce, just email support@valimail.com for assistance.