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O365 ONLINE Console Can Display Warning Error For SPF
O365 ONLINE Console Can Display Warning Error For SPF

Why do I see an error in O365 Online Console after pointing SPF to Valimail?

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Some Valimail Enforce customers may see an error in the O365 Online Admin console around their domain's SPF TXT record if they are using Valimail's standard SPF record. This is due to their console's inability to validate the record completely- instead, it is doing a simple REGEX check and is looking for " -all".

The desired record is produced on an actual SPF query via DNS if Microsoft Office 365 is configured and enabled as a sending service in your configuration.

Example of the warning error below. This is from the O365 Online Version

If this is a concern for your organization, you can add the above include after Valimail's SPF record in your DNS, otherwise you can ignore the warning in the console.

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