How to set up DMARC for ClickDimensions in Valimail

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SPF(supported) / (dedicated subdomain)

This article covers the SPF and DKIM authentication processes for ClickDimensions and how they are managed in Valimail. While only one of the two authentication methods is required for an email to pass DMARC, our recommendation is to configure both whenever possible.

Configuring DKIM authentication for your ClickDimensions emails

1. To set up DKIM for your domain in ClickDimenstions, you will first need to navigate to the ClickDimensions Settings page and select the Email Sending Domains option:

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2. This will open the Email Sending Domains area where you can add, edit, and delete your email domains as well as check on their status:

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3. If you create a new Email Domain, then you will see the following screen:

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  • Domain: This is the main domain that you would like to send from. For example:

  • DKIM Sub Domain: This is sub domain that you would like to use when sending. Please note that this is only the sub-part of the domain. For instance, if your full sub-domain was "", then you would only enter "email" into this field.

  • Email CNAME: This is an optional field that will allow you to set a CNAME for this domain. For more details about setting up Email CNAMEs, please see our article here.

  • Contact Email: This is the email address that we will contact if there are issues when authenticating the domain.

4. After entering these details and saving, the window will expand to show the DNS records that will need to be setup in your Domain's DNS zone settings. After setting up the DNS records for the domain, the Export to Text File will allow you to export your DNS records for that domain to a .text file to double check them or share them within your organization.

Important: If you manage DKIM for this domain in Valimail, you will need to add the TXT DKIM key on your domain's Configuration page in Valimail.

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5. You will also have a Verify button at the button of the window that will check these fields and ensure that a DNS record exists and that it has content. You will need to use this Verify button to manually verify your DNS records after you have set them up with your DNS host.

Once your records are able to be verified, they will need to go through their Change Management process and may take up to a week for the domains to be properly setup and activated.

You can also find the instructions on how to set up DKIM and SPF for ClickDimensions, here.

Add a ClickDimensions DKIM key in Valimail

You can find more detailed information on how to add a DKIM key in Valimail, here:

Configuring SPF authentication for your ClickDimensions emails

Once you establish that ClickDimensions is an authorized sender for your domain, you will need to add the service in your Enabled Senders.

You will find more detailed information on how to add a service for your domain in Valimail, here:

Note: We encourage you to use the comment section for any useful information about your sending service, such as the name of the service owner, change request ticket numbers, etc.

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