Checking consistency of DNS Servers
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All domains will have at least two DNS servers associated with the domain. Many domains will have more than two. The DNS data on all servers for a domain need to be identical. If you are seeing an issue where sometimes a query returns the proper result and sometimes it does not, it could be an issue of synchronization between the DNS servers for a domain. To investigate this, you can send a query to a specific DNS server.

For example, if we look at the Name Servers for, we see:

dig NS +short

If we want to send a query to a specific DNS server in the above list, you can use the β€˜@’ option for the Dig command:

dig TXT +short

If you run the same query against all servers individually, you can see exactly what data each has for a specific DNS name.

One other note on queries to these servers directly, there is no DNS caching

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